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Monica Marquis Retouch & Imaging

Monica Marquis has provided digital retouch, restoration, and other imaging services to satisfied clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for more than two decades.  She offers high-end artistry to photographers, designers, and other professionals, providing clean, color-vivid images for commercial and personal use.  Monica is a specialist who works meticulously with a detailed eye, working her magic on a diverse range of photography styles, including fashion & beauty, product, lifestyle, stock, glamour, portrait, wedding, pinup, and photo restoration work.

Retouch services include Product Photography, Lifestyle, Portraiture, Fashion, Architectural, Restoration, and more. Techniques include non-destructive image manipulation, background knockout and replacement, color-correction, contrast & lighting adjustments, subject-swapping, drop-ins and removal, minor illustration, restoration of damaged photos, and much more.

Monica Marquis, Digital Imaging Artist - CONTACT:

Monica has served a list of impressive clients throughout her many years in the field, including:

Photography Studios:

  • Gary Parker Productions
  • Ron Kimball Stock
  • Anne Knudsen
  • Tony Maesto
  • Michael Soo
  • David Wakely
  • Kelly Hsiao
  • Barbara Yasuhara
  • Williams Portraits
  • Eden Hensley
  • Kathleen Reeve


  • Apple (via Artists Services)
  • Google (via Beyond Design Agency)
  • Sony (Playstation Division)
  • Olsen Communications (for Apple)
  • Speck Products
  • EVOLVh Organic Hair Products
  • Laura Z A Hair Lounge
  • WARD76 Fashions